One Minute Install

Welcome to CMS Builder v2.65. We'll have you up in running in just a minute.

Please enter your company name (or your name), the domain name of the website the software will be used on, and your email address.

Company Name  
Domain Name
Product Id
License Agreement.

Database Location

Next, tell us your MySQL settings. If you don't know these you can ask your web host.

MySQL Hostname
MySQL Database
MySQL Username
MySQL Password
MySQL Table Prefix  

Restore from Backup

For new installations please select an administrator username and password and write them down in a safe place.

Admin Full Name 
Admin Email 
Admin Username 
Admin Password 
Admin Password (again) 

Once you have created your username and password click "Finish" and login to the program.

To restore from a backup, select the backup file below:

NOTE: To prevent data loss you can only restore to a database location with no pre-existing user accounts.

Advanced Options

You can safely ignore these options if you don't need them.

Development/Staging Servers

Use Custom Settings File
Website Prefix URL eg: /~username or /development/client-name
If your development server uses a different URL prefix than your live server you can specify it here. This prefix can be changed in the Admin Menu and will be automatically added to Viewer URLs and can be displayed with <?php echo PREFIX_URL ?>. This will allow you to easily move files between a development and live server, even if they have different URL prefixes.